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5 Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

  1. The Little Black Dress for the sole purpose of seducing men. Most women have one in the recesses of their closet. This is the dress that is just a little too short. Just a little too tight. One that hugs curves you never knew you had. One that looks as if it was made for your body and your body only. One that makes you feel sexy the second you put it on. It has to be simple. All black, no buttons or ornamentation.  

2. As one of the few closet staples you can actually wear year-round, jeans are the piece of apparel that everyone owns at least a few pairs of and has years of experience wearing.

3. Tee Shirt – Having a great basic that you can pair with skirts, pants, or jeans really alleviates a lot of stress in the morning. Plus, if your cheap shirt falls apart in the wash, fades, stretches out, or shrinks up, you will end up spending more money re-buying poor quality T-shirts over and over again instead of just investing in a couple more expensive ones.

4. The right blazer will feel snug but not tight. It won’t limit your range of motion, and it will make you look professional, confident, and empowered. Blazers come in all cuts, colors, and styles.

Not to mention, they can be worn many different ways!

Throw a blazer over those favorite jeans of yours and a retro t-shirt. Keep it work-friendly on top of a simple sweater and some matching pants. The possibilities are endless, but the blazer is what completes such looks.

5. Classic Trench Coat – Think of this as an investment piece—you’ll wear it forever, even if you fluctuate in size. Look for a classic A-line silhouette that will cinch you in at the waist and wear it over everything from suits to jeans.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


 – For those who like to wear their holiday spirit front and center, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s also the season of charity, so why not feel good by making a fashion statement that’s socially conscious as well?
No doubt, there are many sources that sponsor holiday clothing collections, but savvy shoppers can support a variety of causes in a quest to win the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, or make a splashy holiday statement.
Some strategies to get a smile, while staying warm and comfortable this season and donating to a worthwhile charity, include:
* Sweaters: The Ugly Christmas Sweater has become a must-wear for any holiday party. Those who embrace the sweater party spirit can do something extra this season by browsing ugly holiday sweaters at
Whether you don one nostalgically or ironically, it’s wearable joy and a great way to spark up a conversation. With themes ranging from Grumpy Cat to PacMan, Grinch and Alice in Wonderland, they have plenty of options for your next Christmas party.
If you’re throwing your own Ugly Christmas Sweater party, you may want to consider picking up a couple of extras for guests who dare to show up without one.

iEDM donates 5 percent of its holiday profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to support its research and treatment, and support families with children undergoing treatment.
* Hoodies: Not feeling the Ugly Christmas Sweater theme??Why not wear an Ugly Christmas Hoodie instead?
These iconic staples to anyone’s wardrobe can be stylish and versatile and be the perfect ensemble to a party.
For a truly unique holiday hoodie, companies such as Epic Hoodie have a wide selection of colorful hoodies and a curated collection that showcases the original work of artists, each of whom receives a portion of every sale.
These Ugly Christmas hoodies are handmade in the United States using eco-sustainable inks and fabrics.
Have a raver on your Christmas list? iEDM has just what you’re looking for with its rave hoodies in all kinds of colors.
* Onesies: If you’re unsure what to wear to your office Christmas Party, why not make the ultimate splash and rock a vivid, comfortable, and eco-friendly adult onesie? Onesielife is a first of its kind, all-over-print streetwear onesie company.
Bonus? All onesies are handmade in the USA, and this retailer donates 5 percent of every purchase to the nonprofit Children’s International, which provides food and services to children in need around the world.
Whatever your need this holiday season – be it an Ugly Christmas Sweater for a party you’re attending or throwing, an Ugly Christmas hoodie to keep warm or wear out, an adult Christmas onesie to be the envy of any event, or a gift for your favorite raver – you can find everything you need here.
To learn more about these unique collections, visit,, and

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Tips to Keep Clothes Looking Their Best in the Winter

(StatePoint) Winter is dirty, and unfortunately, all that slush, salt and mud coincides with the use of the delicate and expensive part of your wardrobe, from wool and cashmere sweaters and scarves to swanky party wear.

But you can keep your clothes looking their best this winter, without breaking the bank at the dry cleaners, using the following tips:

• Use garment bags: Get a head start on looking your best by ensuring your clothes look good before you even put them on for the day. Store suits, dresses, sweaters and other delicate items in garment bags to keep them safe from dust, moths and other closet hazards at home and when traveling.

• Waterproof: On wet days, consider wearing waterproof shoe covers and tucking your pants into them to protect shoes, as well as the hems of your pants, from puddles and slush.

• At-home dry cleaning: Slash your dry cleaning expenditures by up to 90 percent and skip the hassle and harsh chemicals by opting for at-home dry cleaning using your own dryer. With the right product, it will be an effective way to safely and thoroughly clean your special care clothes at home.

For no fading, shrinking or stretching of your winter weather gear like scarves, hats, sweaters and more, consider using Dryel, a quick three step process which works in the convenience of your dryer in as little as 15 minutes. The heat of the dryer activates a cleaning solution to release a steam that removes body soils and odors from clothes, and a fabric protection bag maintains the optimal balance of cleaning agents and heat, allowing the steam to work thoroughly through the clothes, and then slowly vents the vapors out of the bag and dryer.

• Act fast: When clothes get soiled, it’s important to act fast, particularly when dealing with salt and slush- related stains, which can be difficult to treat. The sooner you deal with stains, the greater the likelihood you’ll be able to restore your clothing to mint condition.

• Landing area: Create a mud room. This can be just a few square feet of space by the entrance to your home and ideally located near the washer and dryer for quick transfer of clothes that need to be laundered. This is also the place to immediately remove boots and outerwear to avoid tracking mud into your home.

This winter, protect your wardrobe from seasonal elements. New tools and old tricks can help your favorite winter gear survive the season in great condition.

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3 Festive Outfit Ideas for the Holiday Party Season

Give your athleisure wear a night off and dress up in eye-catching, festive attire.

(StatePoint) Hitting the holiday party circuit is the perfect excuse to give those casual clothes and athleisure a night off and dress up in eye-catching, festive attire.

An amazing pair of shoes can be one of the best conversation starters at an upcoming winter celebration, according to Nichole Duck, buyer for shoe retailer Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. From glimmering and glittery shoes to footwear featuring glamorous metallic tones, she is providing the top trends that are sure to perfect your holiday party look.

Glam it up with Glitter

Shoes featuring glitter accents promise just the right amount of sparkle and shine.

Ideas to try:

• A closed toed pump with a 3-inch heel adorned with glitter can be spectacularly paired with a high fashion slip dress and smokey eye.

• Combine a solid-colored sheath and shimmery pumps with elegant statement jewelry to complete the look.

Try Metal Tones

“Because metallic tones accentuate a broad range of color palettes, they serve as a neutral accessory for a favorite holiday outfit,” says Duck.

Ideas to try:

• Pair a bell-sleeve top and leather leggings with metallic heels. A hint of ruffle detail will add texture and tone to bejeweled footwear.

• A pointed pump in silver or gold combines nicely with a pencil skirt featuring a statement silhouette.

Go Red

While red is traditionally safe for any holiday party, this year’s “it” color is a full-bodied and vibrant shade.

Ideas to try:

• Match a little black dress with a pair of pumps in a bold shade of red. This striking color also enhances luxurious accessories made of velvet, satin or even tulle.

• Pair classic black stilettos with a red cashmere sweater and jeans for a casual, yet elegant style.

With more than 80 locations from coast to coast, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse offers many selections of high fashion styles from top designer and name brands that can be worn for an upcoming holiday party. Visit for more information.

This holiday season, look your best at celebrations. Set the tone with the right pair of shoes.